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UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development

Horizons Yoga Landing Page

Horizons Yoga Landing Page

UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development

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CSS Technical Document

Web Design, Web Development

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Calculator Concept


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Sign Up Page

UI/UX, Web Design

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Payment Checkout

UI/UX, Web Design


I design and develop digital products that focus on intuitive and elegant user experiences. I prioritize usability and accessibility to ensure users are provided with similar experiences across devices and browsers, and I utilize responsive design techniques to keep sites looking great at all sizes.

Skills in My Toolbox

Digital Design: I can take a project from brief to a working design. The main focus throughout the entire process is that the design should act as a solution to a problem. Coming back to the problem(s) being solved and reviewing the project goals is how I ensure the concept stays on track.

Initially, I research the product or idea and make notes of what to include. Then I begin creating rough wireframes. Once I have some ideas down, I hop into Adobe XD or Sketch to create wireframes for mobile, tablet and desktop sizes. Next, I look for photos (edited to match the project style) and appropriate fonts based on the feeling the brand or product should convey.

After working on any copy needed and refining how elements and spacing complement each other, I have a good layout of the design to prototype.

Design Skills & Tools Used

Concept Development, UI Design, Photo Editing, Typography, Sketch & Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Development: I usually start coding the design in HTML5 and CSS3 using a mobile first approach. Mobile first is ideal for most projects because the most important information is included in the smallest amount of space and with the simplest layout. As the design is sized up on larger screens, more content can be displayed via media queries.

Because I know ahead of time that I’m going to develop the design, I start thinking about the code that will be needed during the design process. Also, when creating the design in Adobe XD or Sketch, I often name elements or headings with names I know I can use when I code them. This way I can reference things easily and efficiently. Having initial plans and ideas in mind for development means I get up and running more quickly than I would if I was starting from scratch.

Front-end Development Skills & Tools Used

Responsive Design, Mobile First, HTML5 & CSS3, Bootstrap, Git & GitHub, VS Code & Sublime Text, Chrome Developer Tools, Excellent at Googling

A Little About Me

I enjoy solving problems with creative solutions, which has made front-end development and digital design the perfect way to spend my energy. While I have some background in art and design, I am teaching myself the digital side of things. It’s turned out to be such an amazing fit that I often find myself designing and developing in my spare time! When I’m not designing or developing, I enjoy hiking, trail running, listening to podcasts, and traveling.

If you would like to see what I’m up to, you can check out my instagram feed.

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